E.E.E. Recordings

United States
Formed In:

BandAlbumYearTypeFormatCatalog ID
AgathothodionKan Guds Gjort2007Full LengthCDN/A
Darkdark3 - Live2004Live albumUnknownN/A
DarkdarkAshes Fall2006SingleCDN/A
DarkdarkBuried Beneath2005Full LengthCDN/A
DarkdarkBuried Beneath the Sands of Existence2001DemoTapeN/A
DarkdarkBurning Winter Burns.....Set Me Frozen Ablaze2003Full LengthCDN/A
DarkdarkComplete Darkness: The EPs2006CompilationUnknownN/A
DarkdarkGoatcrush (CD Single)2006SingleUnknownN/A
DarkdarkOverwhelming Grimness2005EPCDN/A
DarkdarkOverwhelming Grimness & The Torment of Seperation2006CompilationUnknownN/A
DarkdarkThe Darkdark Fortress2004SingleUnknownN/A
DarkdarkThe Torment of Seperation2006EPCDN/A
DarkdarkThe Tree in the Forest2004EPCDN/A
ErasmusSanguinus Nocturnus2008EPUnknownN/A
FlaskavsaeCelestial Eclipses2007CompilationUnknownN/A
FlaskavsaeIn Memory2008EPCDN/A
FlaskavsaeParallels To Nothing: Demos 2006 - 20072008CompilationUnknownN/A
FlaskavsaeTwo Pillars2010Full LengthCDN/A
Funeral EclipseAs Years Pass...2011EPUnknownN/A
Funeral EclipseCurrent Blood2015EPCDN/A
Light Shall PrevailDefeat the Reign of the Horned One Through the Light of Christ2006Full LengthCDN/A
Light Shall PrevailI Am Dying...And Death Will Heal Me2009EPCDE3R: 076
Light Shall PrevailI Long to Destroy the Darkness Forever2007CompilationCDN/A
Light Shall PrevailRetrospective2007CompilationCDN/A
Light Shall PrevailUnearthen Hymns of Revolt2007EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaAlkas Nortii Maane Solbaartu - Aski2009Full LengthCDE3R-084
NjiqahddaNil Vaaartului Nji2008EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaNji2005DemoCDE3R - 135
NjiqahddaNjiijn Vortii - Codex I2009EPUnknownN/A
Njiqahdda...and One by One Crept Silently to Rest2011EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaAround the Covers2010EPDigitalN/A
NjiqahddaDivisionals2010Full LengthCDE3R - 200
NjiqahddaDivisionals Part 22011Full LengthCDE3R - 230
NjiqahddaForr Saantae2010EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaII - A Yrg Alms Reinterpretation2010Full LengthCDE3R-168
NjiqahddaIl' Flaen2010EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaIl' Ijni Talii Humaantii2010EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaInferii Aan Njini2010EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaMan Above and Against Time2011EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaN' Ventrii2010EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaNji Taaevaasti Vortaa Est Flaami2010SingleUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaOf Beasts and Blossoms2010EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaSombre Fortu2009EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaThe Cleansing Rites of Finality2011EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaUniversal Form Replaced with Despondent Chaos2011EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaA Desert Fire2014EPCDE3R-417
NjiqahddaA Desert Fire2014SingleDigitalN/A
NjiqahddaA Tree Fed Blood2013DemoUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaAlternate End2014CompilationDigitalN/A
NjiqahddaBecome the Sun (It Never Was)2012EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaBlot Out the Sun - The Demos2015DemoCDN/A
NjiqahddaDeath Is Our Motivation2013DemoUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaDisciples of Flame (Agni Yoga)2011Full LengthCDE3R-262
NjiqahddaFalse Legends2013EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaFirmaments and the Upper Air2013EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaGrain I2013EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaGrain II2013EPUnknownE3R - 329
NjiqahddaGrain III2013EPUnknownE3R - 335
NjiqahddaIn the Seven Woods2013EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaInto the Twilight2013EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaLife Will Always Go On...2015Full LengthDigitalN/A
NjiqahddaMoonstones I & II2016EPCDN/A
NjiqahddaSerpents in the Sky2013Full LengthCDE3R-303
NjiqahddaThe Hanging Tree2014EPUnknownN/A
NjiqahddaTowers and Tides2012EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelA Silent Inquisition2012EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelAcross the Astral Macrocosm2009Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelFamine and Ritual2010EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelFrom Midnight Sun to Burning Wheel2009Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelI Am the Bridge...2011EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelOrange Triad2012EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelPlague upon Plague2010Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelStarfire, Chasms and Enslavement2009Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Curse of Failure upon Humanity2010EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Folk and the Ground2009Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Fortune of Misfortune2010EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Ghosts That We Are2011Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Graves of Our Fathers Will Not Be Lost or Forgotten2010Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelTo Those Who Have Fallen2009EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelTwo Rivers of Blood Flow from the Moon2011EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelDisembodied (Suite)2013Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelDisembodied I2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelDisembodied II2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelDisembodied III2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelDisembodied IV2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelEndless Illusion2012EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelGateways2014Full LengthDigitalN/A
Oaks of BethelLakes in the Dry Season2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelMelethallia I & II2015EPDigitalN/A
Oaks of BethelMovements of Fire and Shadow I-III2015Full LengthCDN/A
Oaks of BethelPillars of Cowardice I2014EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelPillars of Cowardice II2014EPCDN/A
Oaks of BethelPillars of Cowardice III2014EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelRiver of Tears2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe 3rd Gateway2014Full LengthDigitalN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Book of Odes I2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Book of Odes II2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Book of Odes III2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Book of Odes IV2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Spirit Molecule (Suite)2013Full LengthUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Spirit Molecule I2013EPUnknownN/A
Oaks of BethelThe Spirit Molecule II2013EPUnknownN/A
S.S.W.G.Further Acts of Atheism2010DemoUnknownN/A
S.S.W.G.The Existence Issue2011Full LengthUnknownN/A
WanderlustBreathing Pestilence2011EPCDN/A
Wheels Within WheelsThe Shift2010Full LengthUnknownN/A
Wheels Within WheelsThe Six Months of the Northern Course of the Sun2011EPUnknownN/A
Wrathful PlagueBitter Forest Winds2007Full LengthUnknownN/A