Witching Hour Productions

ul. Armii Ludowej 78 15-170 Białystok
Formed In:

BandAlbumYearTypeFormatCatalog ID
Abused Majesty...So Man Created God in His Own Image2008Full LengthCDEVIL014
Abused Majesty...So Man Created God in His Own Image / Worship Gods of Immortality2009CompilationCDEVIL 014 CD
Abused MajestySomnambulism2014EPUnknownN/A
Au-DessusAu-Dessus2015EPCDEVIL 060 CD
AzarathBlasphemers' Maledictions2011Full LengthCDEVIL666
AzarathHoly Possession2011SingleCDEVIL 032 CD
Behemoth...from the Pagan Vastlands2015Demo12"EVIL 068 LP
BehemothThy Winter Kingdom / From the Pagan Vastlands...2015CompilationCDEVIL054CD
BesattTempus Apocalypsis2012Full LengthCDEVIL 040 CD
BloodwrittenThrashin' Fury2010Full LengthCDEVIL 027 CD
BulldozerAlive... in Poland 2011 (Back After 22 Years)2012Live album12"EVIL 029 DLP
Burial HordesDescent2012EP7"EVIL 023 EP
Christ AgonyBlack Blood2015EPCDEvil 075CD
Deus MortemDarknessence2011EPCDEVIL 037 CD
EschatonSummon the Manifestation2003DemoTapeN/A
GravelandEpilogue1993DemoTapeEVIL 001
Hell-BornDarkness2008Full LengthCDEVIL 013 CD
HermhAfter the Fire - Ashes2008EPCDEVIL 012 MCD
HermhCrying Crowns of Trees1995DemoTapeEVIL 010
HermhOremus Peccatum /Refaim/1994DemoTapeEVIL 005
InfernumDamned Majesty1993DemoTapeEVIL 003
Malefic OrderMeet the Wrath of the Satanist2012EPUnknownN/A
MastiphalDamnatio Memoriae2009CompilationCDEVIL 017 CD
MastiphalParvzya2011Full LengthCDEVIL 028 CD
MoonDevil's Return2010CompilationCDEVIL WH 022 CD
MoonLucifer's Horns2010Full LengthCDEVIL WH 025 CD
MorowePiekło.Labirynty.Diabły2010Full LengthCDEVIL 023 CD
MoroweS2014Full LengthCDEVIL 048 CD
NaumachiaBlack Sun Rising2009Full LengthCDEVIL 018 CD
Non Opus DeiDiabeł2015Full LengthCDEVIL 065 CD
Non Opus DeiEternal Circle2010Full LengthCDEVIL 026 CD
Seagulls Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out the VoidSeagulls Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out the Void2011Full LengthCDEVIL 035CD
ThawDecay / Advance2014CompilationCDEVIL 50 CD
ThawEarth Ground2014Full LengthCDEVIL 49 CD
ThroneumCACOMethamorphosen2015EP12"EVIL 060LP
VoidhangerWrathprayers2011Full LengthCDEVIL 034 CD
WitchmasterŚmierć2012EP7"EVIL 027 EP
XantotolCult of the Black Pentagram1993DemoTapeEVIL 004
XantotolThus Spake Zaratustra1995EPTapeEVIL 006
XantotolGlory for Centuries + Cult of the Black Pentagram2014Compilation12"EVIL 043 LP
XantotolGlory for Centuries + Cult of the Black Pentagram + Thus Spake Zaratustra2015CompilationCDN/A